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Focused on building the next generation of stroke treatment devices

NeuroVasc Technologies brings over 100 years of combined expertise in neurovascular device design and development. We are committed to being the most dynamic creator of neurovascular devices in the world.

Unique Articulating Segmental Design1

  • Articulating Segmented clot retriever designed to remain open under tension when retracting thereby improving clot retention2,3
  • Tapered softness4
  • Designed for navigating and delivering through tight siphons and cervical loops in the ICA and MCA tortuosity2
  • Full range of sizes available from 3mm x 10mm to 5mm x 55mm  See Size Table >
  • 3mm NeuroVasc ENVI™-SR compatible with .0165 inch minimum inner diameter microcatheters2,5
  • Based on the segmented design of the VERSI Retriever for Mechanical Thrombectomy4
ENVI™-SR has CE Mark.
ENVI™-SR is pending FDA Clearance, Not Available for Sale in the United States.

With a focus on novel catheter-based technologies to treat neurovascular disease, NeuroVasc has developed a portfolio strategy to bring differentiated tools to facilitate broad treatment options for patients suffering stroke and other neurovascular diseases.

Catheters with TipTech™

TipTech™ is designed to provide targeted softness to the catheter tip, enabling it to conform to the angle of the vessel and glide to the desired anatomy6. Contact us to find out more about the ENVOKE™ family and which catheters may be optimal for your application.

ENVOKE™ Intermediate Catheters:

  • Incorporate a full length PTFE liner to support a range of interventional devices7.
  • Available in .044 inch, .060 inch, and .072 inch inner diameters7.
  • Available in usable lengths from 90 cm - 132 cm, and 150 cm for the ENVOKE™ 0447.
  • The ENVOKE™ intermediate catheters are designed with three stiffness profiles from Soft to Support to provide options for each application7.

ENVOKE™ Microcatheters:

  • Available in .017 inch, .021 inch and .027 inch inner diameters and a large range of lengths7.
  • Each diameter ENVOKE™ microcatheter is available in a variety of stiffness profiles to fit a wide breadth of user preferences and procedural needs7.
Indications, Safety and Warnings >

ENVOKE™ has CE Mark.
ENVOKE™ is pending FDA Clearance, Not Available for Sale in the United States.

NeuroVasc secures $34M in investment to support clinical trials and product development

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Facts About Stroke

Stroke is the leading cause of serious long-term disability in the USA, and the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide8,9. According to AHA statistics, there are about 795,000 new strokes per in the USA alone resulting in 146,383 deaths8.

People living globally who have experienced a stroke9
New strokes every year9
Strokes occur in people
<70 years old10
People die from a stroke every year9
People >25 years old will experience a stroke in their lifetime11

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CE marked product information

Intended Use

The ENVI™-SR is intended for use to restore blood flow in the neurovasculature by removing thrombus in patients experiencing ischemic stroke within 8 hours of symptom onset. Patients who are ineligible for IV tPA or who fail IV tPA therapy are candidates for treatment.


Use of the ENVI™-SR is contraindicated under these circumstances:



Potential Complications

Possible complications of the use of the ENVI™-SR include, but are not limited to:


CE marked product information

Intended Use

The ENVOKE™ catheters are intended for the introduction of interventional devices and infusion of diagnostic or therapeutic agents into the neuro, peripheral, and coronary vasculatures.


None known



Potential Complications

Possible complications of the use of the ENVOKE™ catheter include, but are not limited to: